Recyclable Roofing Materials


The Green Roof Group knows that not all roofs are created the same.  Some  roofs last considerably longer than others and some roofs have a smaller environmental impact as well.  Certain roof types such as standing seam metal roofs and concrete tile can be recycled so they do not end up in a landfill. These materials may cost a bit more, but they will last longer.


Reusable Roofing Materials

Concrete and Clay tile roofs not only look beautiful but these green roofs last considerably longer than asphalt based roofing materials.  Tile roofs can also be reused doubling their life cycle. Any broken tiles can be recycled as  road base. Concrete Tile Cool Roofs reduce the Heat Island Effect and will reduce the amount of heat that enters into the building especially in a hot place like Los Angeles.

Recycled Roofing Materials

The use of roofing materials that are extracted and manufactured within the region that they are installed helps reduce their environmental impact. The Green Roof Group knows that the reuse of these materials will help divert waste to landfills. Recycling is a major benefit of Monier and EcoStar roofing products which can help you achieve LEED credits.

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